Khawaja Azhar Abbas was born at Panipat and is a distant relative of the renowned poet and reformer Altaf Hussain Hali. He spent his childhood in Delhi. After matriculating he passed his Dars-e-Nizami examination from Multan. He then obtained his M.A. degree from Lahore. In 1959, having completed his education became a lecturer in English in Gujar Khan. He didn’t take to the life in Gujar Khan and returned to Lahore in 1960 when he joined the civil service. He retired as a deputy secretary in 1990, but even during the period of his employment he had continued to pursue his academic interests.

He had become associated with Tolu-e-Islam from an early age, in the year 1948, but as there were no bazms of Tolu-e-Islam at the time he was also in contact with
“Ahl-e-Ziker wal Quran”. It was during this period that he benefitted from the guidance of the celebrated Islamic scholar Urshi Sahib. For 4 years he was also the Ameer of
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