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about us urdu

Khawaja Azhar Abbas was born at Panipat and is a distant relative of the renowned poet and reformer Altaf Hussain Hali. He spent his childhood in Delhi. After matriculating he passed his Dars-e-Nizami examination from Multan. He then obtained his M.A. degree from Lahore. In 1959, having completed his education became a lecturer in English in Gujar Khan. He didn’t take to the life in Gujar Khan and returned to Lahore in 1960 when he joined the civil service. He retired as a deputy secretary in 1990, but even during the period of his employment he had continued to pursue his academic interests.

He had become associated with Tolu-e-Islam from an early age, in the year 1948, but as there were no bazms of Tolu-e-Islam at the time he was also in contact with
“Ahl-e-Ziker wal Quran”. It was during this period that he benefitted from the guidance of the celebrated Islamic scholar Urshi Sahib. For 4 years he was also the Ameer of
“Ummat-e-Muslima Ahl-e-Ziker wal Quran”.
A.B.S. Jaffery, a friend of his, used to publish a newspaper called “The Muslim” and at his invitation Khawaja Sahib contributed articles about the Quran.
In 1958 Parwez Sahib moved to Lahore with Tolu-e-Islam and so from then on he was able to directly benefit from his influence. This contact with Pervez Sahib lasted for 27 years.
He has written 6 books which are popular amongst the devotees of the Quran. He has spent all his life in the service of the Quran and, in spite of his advance years, continues to write for Tolu-e-Islam and Saut-ul-Haq. He is a man of great integrity and is very magnanimous. He is unrivalled in being the eldest surviving member of the Tolu-e-Islam movement, having been associated with it for 62 years. It is for this reason that he is so loved and respected by those who are devoted to the study of the Quran.
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